Census Bureau’s PSA Toolkit – Resources for Young Children

The Census Bureau released a PSA Toolkit – designed to equip advocates and partners with short videos, radio clips, and factsheets to educate local communities. You may be able to get your local TV and radio to run these PSAs for free; they should meet the outlets’ PSA requirements but it’s worth checking what those are since they may vary slightly. These resources are also easy to share on social media platforms or loop on monitors within stakeholder facilities.

The Every Moment Counts materials included in the toolkit are useful for encouraging families to count everyone in the household, especially young children. The video and radio PSAs are in both English and Spanish. The PSA Toolkit Resources include:

The toolkit also has other PSAs about the Census that you may want to help place. If you plan to use the video or radio PSA’s, please refer to the SAG-AFTRA PSA Guidelines and the General Use Guidelines provided by the Census Bureau.