Constitution Day Resources for the 2020 Census

The Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools program is providing census resources for teachers to use for Constitution Day. Statistics in Schools just released its Constitution Day resources that teachers can incorporate in their lesson plans. These materials can also be used for an activity similar to the Kentucky Youth Advocate’s campaign during Constitution Week.

The materials that Statistics in Schools has provided for Constitution Day will be specific to the 2020 Census. Each activity has a suggested grade level, approximated time estimate, materials required, learning objectives, and a teacher and student downloadable activity sheet.

Statistics in Schools materials are developed through a process that includes eight content teams specializing in subject matter, K-12 education, and curriculum design. The materials provided incorporate data into lessons for kindergarten through 12th grade in math, history, english, geography, and sociology.

These materials are a great resource for Statistics in Schools Week March 2-6th as well.