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TOGETHER, We Can fight for every child
to count in the census

When we miss young children in the census it has serious consequences for the child, their families, their communities, and our nation – with many of those consequences lasting for at least 10 years (for most of their childhood).

We need advocates to ensure that the count of young children is accurate by educating policy makers and the public; advocating for complete count committees in states and localities; and encouraging communities to include their young children on the census form.

JOIN the Coalition

The Count All Kids Coalition provides education, outreach, and advocacy strategies to improve the count of young children on a community and state level. Resources and communications are mainly focused on Decennial Censuses.


The Count All Kids Committee engages stakeholders on improving the count of young children and ensuring that data regarding young children is clear, reliable, and widely available. The committee meets monthly.

To request joining the coalition, contact us at with the subject line: Joining the Committee.



Not sure where to start?
We are happy to provide a webinar for interested stakeholders, networks, or organizations to highlight why engagement in the census is essential for children, families, and communities.

To request a speaker, email us at with the subject line: Request a Speaker, or use the button below to submit a speaker request.


Please email to learn more about the Count All Kids campaign, or use the form below.