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Immigrant Children Must Be Counted

PRB Resources to Improve the Count of Young Children in the 2020 Census (June 25 Update)

PRB Resources to Improve the Count of Young Children in the 2020 Census (June 18 Update)

A Father’s Day Letter to Aviv

Español | Este Día del Padre Continúo Trabajando Para un Censo 2020 Justo y Preciso por Amor a Mi Hija y a Mi Comunidad

This Father’s Day I Continue to Work Toward a Fair and Accurate 2020 Census for the Love of My Daughter and Community

Fixing an Incorrect Census Submission

2020 Census Self-Response Rates Are Lower in Census Tracts Where Minorities Are the Majority of the Young Child Population

Count All Kids National Art Competition Launch

PRB Resources to Improve the Count of Young Children in the 2020 Census (June 11 Update)

This Children’s Week, Let’s Ensure No Child Goes Uncounted

PRB Resources to Improve the Count of Young Children in the 2020 Census (June 4 Update)

Targeting Areas to Improve the Count of Young Children in the 2020 Census: A New PRB Resource

Encouraging Grandparents to Count All Kids on the 2020 Census Form

2020 Census: A Simple Way to Help End Child Poverty

Big Differences Among Young Children in Asian Subgroups Means Some Are More At Risk of Being Missed in the 2020 U.S. Census

Dr. Bill O'Hare

Update on Response Rates Show Very High Risk of Young Child Undercount Census Tracts Still Trail National Rates

Dr. Bill O'Hare

Celebrate a Census Day of Action with the Community Action network!

Census Operation Update: Self-Response Extended to October 31

Mi primer Día de las Madres: El primer Censo de Perla Sol y la oportunidad de dar forma a su futuro para los próximos diez años

My First Dia de las Madres: Perla Sol’s First Census and the Opportunity to Shape her Future for the Next Ten Years

Happy Mother’s Day To New Mothers: Don’t Forget To Count Your Newborn In The Census

Hazme Contar: Celebrate this Dia del Niño by Ensuring Latino Children & All Kids Are Counted

On Baby Day, Make Sure All Babies Count

Why the Census Matters: A Pediatrician’s Perspective

Let’s Celebrate Día de los Niños by Counting Todos los Niños in the Census!

Coronavirus and the 2020 Census: Revisiting the “Best Laid Plans”

David Elliot (CHN)

The 2020 Census is make-or-break for children’s health

This Family Friday, We #CountAllKids!

Let’s Count All Young Latino Children!

How do we count people who moved due to COVID 19 or job loss?

Counting All Kids Amid COVID-19: How Early Education Advocates Are Supporting the Census

Make Sure Every Child Is Counted Today

Counting Young African American Children

Jasmine Jones

This week is Asian American and Pacific Islander Census Week of Action!

Jasmine Jones

Young Children At Very High Risk Of Being Missed In The 2020 Census Are Concentrated In A Small Number of States and ZIP Codes

Dr. Bill O'Hare

In 2020, The First Ever Census Bureau Direct Mail Campaign to Get a More Accurate Count of Young Children

Dr. Bill O'Hare

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 18, is Count All Kids Day

Jasmine Jones

ZIP Code Level Data for Facebook Ads

Celebrate Count All Kids Day on March 18

Series – Counties With Most Young Children At Risk of Being Missed in the 2020 Census

Jasmine Jones

Count All Kids Messaging and Outreach Kit

Jasmine Jones

Babies Are Counting on an Accurate Census

Census Parties at Early Childhood Centers, Outreach at VITA sites, 2-1-1 Hotlines: New Strategies From Connecticut Count All Kids Project

David Elliot (CHN)

New Data to Help You Focus Your Outreach Campaigns

It’s Time To Count Kids: Our Resources for Your Work

Count Your Cuties: How Hospitals and Medical Providers Are Helping Count Kids

David Elliot (CHN)

Early childhood educators have an important role to play in the 2020 Census

Heads Up Principals! Time to Help Count Kids

Deborah Stein

Advocate Strategies to Implement in Your State

Coming soon: WE COUNT!

David Elliot (CHN)

The New York Council on Children and Families: How State Agencies Can Make Sure Kids Are Counted

David Elliot (CHN)

Alabama and the 2020 Census: ‘Whose Child is Missing?’

David Elliot (CHN)

Census 2020 – Count All Kids Alert

In Connecticut, advocates succeed in push for funding

Census Bureau’s PSA Toolkit – Resources for Young Children

How Libraries Can Help Count All Kids

Young Children Living with Grandparents at Higher Risk of Being Missed in the 2020 Census

Deborah Stein

Kentucky Youth Advocates’ Constitution Week Campaign

Counting All Children in the 2020 Census Would Benefit Poor Children: State and Local Advocates Can Help

Deborah Stein

Including A Citizenship Status Question in the Census Would Hurt Children

Deborah Stein

Just One Year from Today…

Caleb Herbst

How Much Money Did Your State Lose From The Young Child Undercount In The 2010 Census?

Deborah Stein

Young Children and Census Operations Webinar

Caleb Herbst

Census Bureau Analysis Highlights a Consensus Opposing the Citizenship Question

Caleb Herbst

Updated Census 2020 Operational Plan Pays More Attention to Counting Kids

Deborah Stein

Census Bureau Creates a 2020 Census Undercount of Young Children Task Force

Deborah Stein

Zero to Three’s Survey of Families with Young Children

Caleb Herbst

Good News for Young Children: The Citizenship Question May Be Off the Census

Counties That Are Growing Fast May Miss Many More Children in the 2020 Census Than in 2010

New York State Census Focus Groups with Families with Young Children

Caleb Herbst

Webinar: Complete Count Committees for the 2020 Census

Timing of Census Work

How Much Funding Does a Complete Count Committee Need?

Deborah Stein

When Counting Kids, Count Complex Families

Deborah Stein

How Can A Complete Count Committee Improve the Count of Young Children?

Deborah Stein

Who Needs To Be On Complete Count Committees?

Deborah Stein

Good News From the Census Bureau

Who Forms A Complete Count Committee?

Deborah Stein

The Young Child Undercount is Getting Worse

The Census Misses More Black and Hispanic Young Children Than Other Young Children

Young Children Should be a High Priority for the 2020 Census

The Census Misses Young Children for Different Reasons: We Need to Work Differently to Count Them

Deborah Stein

What Should My State or Community Do Right Now to Improve the Count of Young Children?

Deborah Stein