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How Did The 2020 Census Do in Counting Young Children in Your State or County?

Finally, four years after the start of the 2020 census, you can see how your

The 2020 Undercount of Children in Texas

Part 1 of 5, Research Series, The Children’s Census Initiative This blog is cross-posted from

Did Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Young Kids Get Counted in the 2020 Census?

By Christopher Dick, Founder, Demographic Analytics Advisors and Terry Ao Minnis, Vice President of Census

Clarification of ACS Race and Ethnicity Data from 2019 to 2021

April 12, 2023 To: Interested census stakeholders From: Dr. William P. O’Hare, Consultant, Count All

Potential Problems in Measuring Racial Change Among Young Children Using Data from the American Community Survey

The data from the 2020 Census show the diversity explosion in the U.S. is continuing

Good News Regarding ACS Child Poverty Data!

We are delighted to report that on December 14, 2022, the Census Bureau announced that

Why We Need to Keep Fighting to Count All Kids

Many of you reading this worked hard with us to improve the count of young

Selected Federal Programs that Use the Population Size for Ages 0 to 5 for the Distribution of Federal Funds to States and Localities

It is well documented that Census-derived data are used to distribute more than $1.5 trillion

Responses to the Census Bureau’s Demographic and Housing Characteristics Demonstration Product Raise Many Data Issues Related to Children

The next data product that will be released from the 2020 Census is the Demographic

Evidence Mounts That Children Were Undercounted in the 2020 Census

Earlier this month, two new reports were released indicating children in general (population ages 0