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Outreach & Advocacy Resources

Discover resources to inform, inspire, and update advocates with the information needed to ensure that young children are included on the census form.

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The Pervasive Nature of Under-Reporting Young Children in Official Data

As we start to prepare for the dissemination of the 2020 Census data, it is

Federal Insider – What School Systems Can Do About the Census As A New School Year Begins

National School Boards Association – Season 4, Episode 12 The Trump Administration’s recent executive memorandum

The Undercount of Young Black Children in the U.S. Census

The Undercount of Young Black Children in the U.S. CensusByDr. William P. O’HarePresident of O’Hare

How to Use the Population Reference Bureau’s Young Child Risk of Undercount Database

This resource describes how to use the Young Child Risk of Undercount database prepared by

Advocate Strategies to Implement in Your State

The Partnership for America’s Children held a convening in December for nearly 50 state and

The 2020 Census: Why We Need Specific Strategies to Count Young Children

This one-pager is a great refresher for some and general overview for others on counting

Social Media Toolkit for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8. This holiday is a great opportunity to raise grandparents’

Distribution of Young Children by Detailed Relationship to Householder by State

This table shows the total population of children who live with their grandparents, other relatives,

States Ranked by Percent of Children Age 0 to 4 Living with a Grandparent who is the Householder

This table shows the total and percent of children age 0 to 4 who live

Young Children Living with Grandparents Are More Likely to Be Missed in the 2020 Census

Research shows that young children who are not the biological or adopted child of the