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The Pervasive Nature of Under-Reporting Young Children in Official Data

As we start to prepare for the dissemination of the 2020 Census data, it is a good time to remind ourselves of the extent to which young children are missed or overlooked in many official data collection activities.   In the 2010 Census, young children (ages 0 to 4) had a higher net undercount (4.6 percent) […]

Federal Insider – What School Systems Can Do About the Census As A New School Year Begins

National School Boards Association – Season 4, Episode 12 The Trump Administration’s recent executive memorandum regarding the 2020 Census Count may have a potential impact on public schools and educational equity. Deborah and Francisco discuss this topic with Deborah Stein, Co-Founder of the Count All Kids Campaign and Jae June Lee, Policy Analyst, Economic Security […]

The Undercount of Young Black Children in the U.S. Census

The Undercount of Young Black Children in the U.S. CensusByDr. William P. O’HarePresident of O’Hare Data and Demographic Services LLCAnd Consultant to the Count All Kids Complete Count Committee Executive Summary For many decades the Black population has been missed in the U.S. Census at a high level. While there has been considerable focus on […]

How to Use the Population Reference Bureau’s Young Child Risk of Undercount Database

This resource describes how to use the Young Child Risk of Undercount database prepared by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) and Dr. William O’Hare. The purpose of this database is to help people identify neighborhoods and census tracts where the risk of undercounting young children in the 2020 Census is the highest. Identifying the census […]

Advocate Strategies to Implement in Your State

The Partnership for America’s Children held a convening in December for nearly 50 state and national advocacy organizations working to increase the count of young children in the 2020 Census. Many of the state advocates are undertaking innovative strategies that are free or inexpensive and that can be executed in your states and communities in […]

The 2020 Census: Why We Need Specific Strategies to Count Young Children

This one-pager is a great refresher for some and general overview for others on counting young children in the 2020 Census. This resource covers why it is important to count young children, why children are left off of census forms, and two specific tools that you can use to help ensure that all children are […]

Social Media Toolkit for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8. This holiday is a great opportunity to raise grandparents’ awareness that they should include in their Census form the young children living in their household. Many young children living with their grandparents were not counted in the 2010 Census. In preparation for Grandparents Day, Count All Kids has released […]

Distribution of Young Children by Detailed Relationship to Householder by State

This table shows the total population of children who live with their grandparents, other relatives, other non-relatives, stepparent, foster parent, or other form of relationship to the householder by state. The table is from Dr. William P. O’Hare’s paper on the increased likelihood of children to be missed in the 2020 Census if they live with their […]