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WEBINAR: Counting Young Californians in the 2020 Census: What Messaging Research Tells Us

The Partnership for America’s Children and First 5 Association of California, The Children’s Partnership, and Children Now offered this webinar on the messages that will persuade families to count their young children in the 2020 Census.

0ver 100,000 California children under five were missed in the 2020 Census, reducing resources for programs that help children thrive and making it harder for communities to plan services. Most of the children that were missed were left off the form by families that responded to the Census. To count young children, we need messages that persuade parents to include their children when they respond.

In order to make sure we can count all kids in the 2020 Census, the Partnership for America’s Children and the Count All Kids initiative undertook message research in California. This webinar explores why children are left off, and what messages help persuade parents to respond to the Census and include their young children. Speakers include Celinda Lake of Lake Research, Deborah Stein from the Partnership for America’s Children, and representatives from First 5 Association of California, The Children’s Partnership, and Children Now.

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