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Back to School National Art Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for the Back to School Art Competition! 

Counting young children has implications that last a decade. Families and children will get a better chance of receiving their fair share of funding for programs that they need. Adequate funding will allow children to have nutritious food, quality child care, health insurance, and resources for their school. These areas help to shape the foundation of every child’s future.

Due to limited submissions, Count All Kids is awarding  prizes to all of the artists who participated.

3-5th Grade

  • Amelie, 3rd Grade
  • Natasha, 3rd Grade
  • Aryan, 4th Grade
  • Emaan, 5th Grade

6-8th Grade

  • Allie, 7th Grade
  • Jason, 6th Grade 

You can access a collection of the art submissions at this link. You can also view all of the submissions from our previous art competition here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition by sharing the announcement and submitting artwork. We would also like to thank our co-sponsors, Coalition on Human Needs and American Federation of Teachers. 

We will be posting the art submissions from both competitions on twitter, so make sure you follow @CountAllKids.

Continue to spread the word that everyone gets counted in the census, including children and babies!

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