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Data Analysis & Accuracy Resources

Explore suggestions to enhance the accuracy of data that influence programs, funding, and research for the well-being of children.



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What the New Census Bureau Demographic Analysis (DA) Experimental Young Child Coverage Estimates for States and Counties Tell Us About Methodology

In the 2020 Census, the undercount of young children (ages 0 to 4) was 5.4

The Changing Young Child Population of the United States: First Data From the 2020 Census

This study seeks to provide foundational research on the demographics of youngchildren in the U.S.

What New Census Bureau Population Projections Tell Us About the Future of Young Children in The U.S.

The new regulations regarding the collection of data on race and ethnicity that were issued

The Net Coverage of Children Ages 5 to 9 in the U.S. Census

This study examines subnational coverage for the population ages 5 to 9 and compares census

Counties Where the Coverage for Young Children Deteriorated Between 2010 and 2020

The undercount of young children is one of the most vexing problems faced by the

What the 2020 Census Tells Us About Middle Eastern North African (MENA) Children

One of the most important features of the recent U.S. Office of Management and Budget

County-level Coverage Rates of Young Children in the 2020 Census The National-Level Data Do Not Tell the Full Story

The Census Bureau release of the 2020 Census Demographic and HousingCharacteristics file with detailed age

State Undercount Rates for Young Children in the 2020 Census

Over the past decade there has been growing interest among researchers and Census stakeholders in

Does the Census Bureau’s Blended Base Correct the High Undercount of Young Children in the 2020 Census? A Look at States and Counties

In  March 2022, the Census Bureau (2022a) released data showing a net census undercount of

The Number of Young Hispanic Children in the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program Blended Base Compared to the 2020 Census Count

In the past few decades, the Census Bureau has produced yearly population estimates for states